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Sovereign Gold Bond Benefits: Gold Bond gave more than 85% return in 5 years, know the benefits

Sovereign Gold Bond (SGB) is also a medium of investment in gold. Gold Bonds are considered a safe option for investing in gold as the amount of gold for which the investor has paid is completely safe. Sovereign Gold Bonds have given returns of more than 85% in the last 5 years. This return is under the Sovereign Gold Bond Round dated January 14, 2016.

The issue price of the Gold Bond for the SGB round opened on January 14, 2016 was Rs 2,600. A day earlier, RBI said that due on February 8, for premature redemption of this bond, a payment of Rs 4,813 per SGB unit will be made. In this way, about 85 per cent profit per unit has been passed on to the investors.

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