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Half-Life: Source Download] noeldevi




With over 6,500,000 units sold worldwide, this is one of the most popular PC games ever. The game is full of humor, drama, weapons and environmental puzzles. It is ranked as one of the best games ever made by Half-Life: Source is a separate game by Valve, and was released in 1998. It was never released on the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. Gameplay Half-Life: Source includes Source Filmmaker, a separate program that allows users to create their own cutscenes, interactive movie sequences, and short animations. The game's sound engine, Valve's Sound Shader system, and engine physics, have been reused in Valve's Source engine, which has been used for the Half-Life, Portal, and Team Fortress series. Half-Life: Source is not a sequel to Half-Life but is instead a standalone expansion pack. Plot A lethal plague decimates much of the human population. With the exception of a selected few, the infected quickly die, and their bodies turn into large, pulsating machines. The few survivors of the outbreak are pursued by an alien force, as it is realized they are the only means of destroying the infestation. In order to stop the alien threat, the government launches Project Spring, a biological-military experiment to transform a select few human test subjects into the new hybrid creatures. The government justifies this measure on the grounds that the aliens will remain dormant until they can find and destroy the original test subjects. The only thing that is known for certain is that Gordon Freeman is one of the original test subjects. In the course of this plot the player experiences a storyline that takes place concurrently with the events of the original Half-Life. Story In the year 1999, a secret government program launches the ultimate weapon, codenamed "Project Spring". A team of scientists and soldiers test it on the citizens of City 17 in an attempt to stem the spread of the alien infection that has taken hold of the citizens. However, they inadvertently cause a split personality disorder within the test subjects. Those that awaken to their new life as half-human/half-alien creatures have nearly superpowers and can easily defeat the Army and the scientists. Eventually, an alien race has to pick up the pieces after the disaster. Characters Gordon Freeman The main protagonist of the game. Dr. Freeman is the only known survivor of the initial encounter with the aliens. After he escapes the military facility




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Half-Life: Source Download] noeldevi

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